Who I am. by mylittlebluesky
This is my brother and me. He is leaving tomorrow to Sweden because he’s going on Erasmus for ten months. I’m gonna miss him so so much :’c ♥
Let’s go and take some photos!
Happy Mother’s Day!
Thank you mom for all you do every day ♥

Yesterday I forgot to upload my 365 photo here, in Tumblr, because I’m uploading it in Facebook too.
The weather is getting cooler than november and december now, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be cute anyway! :)
Thanks to my model mylittlebluesky ♥

MERP. That’s me :3
Oh hi.

Anyone wants to be my penfriend? :3 
Smile please!
Who am I? by ~mylittlebluesky
You’re finally mine! MIKA, see you soon ♥